Office 3.0

In the digital era, is there really still a need to go in to the office? As robots and artificial intelligence take over mechanical tasks, is going in to the office simply a way to interact with others? This is the belief that has shaped Office 3.0, a design philosophy which runs through the headquarters of The Agnelli Foundation in Turin. In addition to the, often, surprising design and architecture, technology is integrated seamlessly in to the workplace in order to encourage better relationships and increase creativity and productivity. Designed by Carlo Ratti Associates, The Agnelli Foundation HQ is a non-traditional workplace not just in its form, but also in its uses. The Foundation was established to provide an innovation hub for the entire community and in doing so, the building hosts start-ups and students working alongside corporate executives. At the heart of Agnelli is the promise to invest in the education by holding regular artificial intelligence and robotics classes for local school children, helping to inspire the innovators of the future.